Getting a tattoo is a great deal. You get yourself inked with something fantastic and let the world know what a lovely person you are. Tattoos are indeed a way of expression. You do not need words to communicate with the world if you have that inky leap on your hands, especially, when you got inked with a half sleeve tattoo. Half sleeve tattoos are a complete book of your preferences and personality.

They not only cost to around $200 to $2000 but also appear striking on your arm. You also go under extreme pain just to come up with a beautiful deign on your arms. They not only look fantastic but also make you the person you are.

However, getting a tattoo isn’t enough. In fact, to have a great tattoo for life, you must know how to care for your tattoo.  Yes, hours of pain would go in vain if you do not care for your tattoo perfectly. You certainly don’t want that to happen?

The tattoo is now a part of your body and hence you need care for it accordingly. If this makes you worried, here are some simple tips to have a healthy and flashy tattoo forever:

Tattoo Care:

Although all the expert artists offer you an aftercare sheet for caressing your newly inked tattoo, if in case you haven’t received any, here is what you need to know:

  • Take off the bandages:

Many tattoo artists tie a bandage on your new tattoo. This is done to let the gauge of the bandage soak any blood or excess ink from your arm. As you got a half sleeve tattoo, the bandage becomes a must as the tattoo covers a good area of your arm. But, do not keep this bandage for long. An hour would be enough and then let the skin breathe in the open air.

tattoo washing

  • A gentle wash:

Once you have got the tattoo, wash it with a mild soap after 4-5 hours. DO NOT TOUCH YOUR TATTOO BEFORE YOU WASH IT!! Use a hypo-allergenic soap and a clean and soft face cloth for the same. Keep your touch gentle and always use cold water for washing. Wash it gently without applying any pressure to your arm. It might hurt you if you do not pay attention to the technique of washing.

  • A little ointment:

A tattoo is sort of an open wound and you need to aid it in healing. For this, once you have washed the tattoo apply some salving ointment on it. The ointment will maintain the moisture and help the wound heal.

While some people advocate using a medicate ointment like Polysporin others find petroleum jelly the best. Here, you must also take care of the quantity of the ointment; too much ointment can leech the ink out of your tattoo.

Tattoo arm gif

Let the tattoo heal naturally. It will offer you some pain but this goes away with time. The amount of pain depends on the location of the tattoo. In the case of half sleeve tattoo, it might be a little on the higher side as the tattoo covers a major area of your arm.

The tattoo costs around $200 to $2000 and is all worth the price. No matter, what amount of pain is associated, getting a tattoo is something incredible. The pain can also be soothed if taken proper care off. Hope these tips would help you get over the pain and have a great, flashy, and interactive tattoo for lifelong.

By Nicki Jenns

Nicki Jenns is an internet entrepreneur and world news expert, motivational speaker and author. She is passionate about the impact of health and family issues.