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When two people meet and decide to have intercourse, it can mean different things to each. Often there are expectations associated with that momentary shared intimacy, and other times people can view it simply as sex. How you act, think and feel, can be just as important as your sexual performance.

Remember, sex is sex, and love is love. Do not confuse the two. You can’t make someone love you through sex, but sex can become lovemaking when you truly do love your partner.

There is a debate about what sex often means between the two sexes. Men are more physical, and women are more emotional. Women sex is a much more intimate and personal experience, where it is always perceived that way for men.

I’m not trying to say all men are insensitive. Because I certainly now sensitive some men can be when it comes to simply admitting male characteristics. Sex for most men is physical. It’s not a deep connecting act of intimacy on the same level as women.

And that can be dangerous for any woman who invites intercourse in hopes of it leading to something much more fulfilling. Sex certainly won’t guarantee that a relationship will develop, but bad sex can certain insure a relationship won’t.

I am also not trying to say that all women fall in love with every man they are intimate with. I certainly know how sensitive some women can be to admitting to certain stereotypes. Women almost always have a deeper and sensitive appreciation towards the physical act of sexual intercourse. It merely isn’t physical for them.

Where many men are smitten by women’s endowments and looks, women look past the physical for a more spiritual connection. This is why women are much more emotionally attached to the experience, and need a greater connection with their partners.

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Anyone can have sex. Not everyone can have great sex, and most importantly, not everyone copes with the aftermath of sex the same way. We all have needs and desires, but if you’re one of the types of people who cannot have sex for sex sake… Then don’t.

You’ll only end up feeling guilty or putting the person you were involved with in a position you both truly don’t want to be in. Communicate with your potential partner. Let them understand exactly how you feel about intimacy, and your feelings on sex. Being upfront and honest right from the beginning ensures that everyone enjoys themselves, and no-one gets hurt in the process.

If you are looking to find that perfect partner or improve you love life, why don’t you drop me a line. Happiness is something we all deserve to experience, and I can help get you there.

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