The has certainly started on the road for you, and your marketing strategy is already well tied. But did you consider new updates from LinkedIn Algorithm 2019 ? As a marketing professional you need to stay abreast of the latest news to make your B2B strategy a success!

Before discussing the changes in 2019, we first present two important trends on LinkedIn. Two updates that have indeed started in 2017, but will definitely take shape in 2019!

1. LinkedIn Algorithm, mystery!

How does the LinkedIn algorithm work?

Why do you see posts from certain people or businesses in your feed and others never appear? And why your articles on LinkedIn Publishing less seen in recent months?

Nobody has the exact answer, the algorithm remains a mystery to most experts and it changes constantly.

LinkedIn’s algorithm!

However we have noticed several important points that you must take into account to succeed despite the algorithm:

Share quality content that matches the expectations of your network.
LinkedIn wants to keep its visitors on the platform, so posts with external links are penalized. Would you like to add one? Put it in the comments!

Posts that achieve the most engagement in the hour after posting are ranked highest and have a better impression rate. To succeed in having more commitment you can for example mention with the help of @, people in your network who have a link with your post and / or vary the hours of publications to test the impact.

The best advice is that you have to pay attention to the quality of your content, posts that mention only text are prominent on LinkedIn!

Also remember to use storytelling to do, with anecdotes, stories of life, lessons of entrepreneurs, and starting with a question for example. And all this without links and without images!

The native video, remains another alternative, since the algorithm is favorable to him …

2. The future is native video!

You on Social Media, you have noticed, the video is the future. While all social networks had integrated native video, it was only in August 2017 that LinkedIn decided to follow suit.

Native means that the video is loaded and played within the platform itself. You no longer need to go to another site such as YouTube or Vimeo.

For LinkedIn, it’s a great way to keep visitors on the platform. And for you, a great opportunity to share your knowledge, to make known your point of view and your personality, and to stand out from the competition.

If you are a business, start by broadcasting videos of your staff who are your best ambassadors!

Who more credible and better placed than your employees to talk about your products and services? Show that you have the knowledge to help your potential customers!

For recruiting companies, video should also play a prominent role in the employer brand strategy. Let your employees tell the story of your business, such as a typical work day. It’s a way to say more than just an ad and gives a more human side to your business.

And the new features! What will LinkedIn launch in the near future?

3. Native video for Linkedin Business pages 

Now that the deployment of native video for personal profiles has been widely deployed, it is expected that LinkedIn will deploy native video for the company’s pages in the coming time.

Native video for business pages Linkedin

Some tests have already taken place on some business pages and the deployment of these features always takes place in batches, of course, the “biggest” companies are the first to benefit.

The post deployment stage is quite random. And you can not know exactly when you will be able to benefit from this feature.

However be prepared in the coming year, as native videos for business should be visible to your subscribers more often.

4. “Skills” and “the magnet” of LinkedIn

A new feature that will be deployed in LinkedIn and that will bring major changes and opportunities is “the magnet”.

From your mobile, when you write a post, you can target some subscribers with this function. For example, you want to reach only people with “marketing”, “communication” and “sales” skills

Because you want to have their opinion on a particular topic, or simply reach this target in priority. Your post will then appear in the stream of people on your network who added these skills to their profile. On LinkedIn, everyone has the opportunity to add 50 skills.

At present, only a selected group of test users have access to the LinkedIn “magnet”. It is expected that in 2019 the tool will be deployed for all members.

5. Carousel Ads on Linkedin

In 2019 LinkedIn will offer the opportunity to transform carousel advertisements, as is already possible with Facebook and Instagram advertising . A great way to promote a full range of products and make visually more attractive ads.

Carousel Ads on Linkedin

Focus on visuals and make good combinations of products or services for this type of advertising.

6. Notifications from your network

LinkedIn has launched in 2017 the ability to enable or disable notifications on your network. For example, you can now choose to disable specific notifications, such as birthdays. If you have an active and wide network, this can be very useful.

You can change notifications by going to “preferences and privacy” – “communication” and “notification on LinkedIn”

7. Continuing integration with Microsoft

A year ago, Microsoft acquired LinkedIn . We can imagine that Microsoft will be able to make links between its programs and all data from LinkedIn. The first steps of this integration become progressively visible.

Take for example the resume assistant, where you get help in Word when you do it. Of course, by the data that can be found in LinkedIn.

By Nicki Jenns

Nicki Jenns is an internet entrepreneur and world news expert, motivational speaker and author. She is passionate about the impact of health and family issues.