16 Tips to Increase Your Blog Subscribers

Increase Your Blog Subscribers

Having an audience of committed members who value your content, trust you and say good things about you, is the wish of any professional for his blog.

These frequent blog subscribers generally stay longer on your blog, look forward to your new articles and ofcourse buy more and more easily your products or services.

But producing quality content is not the only requirement for subscribers, so what are the tips for getting more?

How to increase the number of subscribers on his blog? Discover now tricks that work.

Our 16 strategic tips for having more blog subscribers

1. Intensify your publications

Focus on creating content at a close, ideally daily, frequency to build your subscriber base.

Test subscriptions by focusing on how you can show people the value of your newsletter, and experiment with different ways to communicate that value.

2. Stay authentic

Give your visitors a real reason to come back and follow you. For that, think of the contents of the newsletters that you receive. What motivates you personally to come back to this or that blog?

What do they contain?

Give your audience answers to their questions and provide them with solutions. Put your mind, your values, your vision, take a stand.

3. Master your subjects, show your expertise

To have faithful subscribers, you must be good in your field, and even rather excellent than good.

Propose targeted, detailed content and a maximum supported, see encrypted.

4. Share your content on social networks

A good way to reach more people is to share your blog content on different social networks.

This will encourage members of a community to click on your published blog links. If the content is relevant, then the user will share it, recommend it.

Thus, your number of visitors grows and potentially the number of subscribers with.

5. Use the pop-up

Do not judge the pop-up too fast without first trying it. While irritating for some, it does not remain about it less that it works when it is done well.

For this reason, many blogs use this technique to increase their subscriber count.

6.Give visibility to the subscription button

Make life easier for your visitors by displaying the button to subscribe to your blog. Give them a prominent RSS button and a very fast form to subscribe to your newsletter.

he best place stays at the top of your blog just a little above the waterline.

7. Show the benefits you offer to your subscribers

Inform people of the benefits they will have by subscribing to your blog. Type of content, advice, expertise, and other important points.

8. Launch e-mails and advertising campaigns

Boost your visibility by sending dedicated e-mails, and schedule social media advertising campaigns to relay your blog content.

9. Submit a free e-book for any subscription

This technique really works.

Assuming that the surfer lands on your blog because it’s normally interested in its theme, there is a good chance that a free e-book download on a topic, pushes him to take action for subscribe.

10. Include links to the blog subscription page on high traffic pages

Identify the pages generating the most visits to include a link allowing the user to subscribe directly to the site’s blog.

11. Optimize blog content to attract more visitors

The more traffic a blog generates, the more subscribers it will have.

But for that, it is necessary first of all to do a work of optimization of the contents to gain positions in the search engines.

Work on the SEO of your site, its ergonomics, external links.

12. View the number of subscribers

Do you already have some subscribers, or at least enough to tempt visitors to do the same?

So immediately post your number of subscribers. Internet users are indeed more inclined to follow a blog that already has a good readership.

13. Always add a link to your social media subscription page

At the end of each post on a social network (Facebook, Twitter …), do not forget to leave the option to the visitor to directly access your blog subscription page.

14. Enable content sharing

Quality content is shared. Allow the user to share your articles, videos and other content on their own Facebook account and on other social networks.

15. Post guest articles

Powerful Inbound Marketing Tool, publishing guest articles on other blogs is an excellent strategy to attract more visitors to your blog.

When using this technique, optimize your signature by mentioning the name of the blog and its number of subscribers.

16. Optimize the internal mesh of your blog with links to other complementary content

In order to keep the user as long as possible on your blog, consider including internal links in your articles to other complementary content of the blog.

Thus, you have the opportunity to show even more the extent of your expertise, and thus trigger subscriptions.

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