How Covid-19 Corona Impact On Digital Marketing & Online Selling? (CASE STUDY)

What Covid-19 Impact On Digital Marketing

The Coronavirus (COVID-19) is today at the center of all concerns and speculations as the epidemic has tragically spread its web across the Globe. A health disaster but also a real financial virus for businesses, COVID-19 is now tending to temporarily paralyze the global economy. March 2020 in USA, and after a dreaded transition to … Read more

How to Find a Good Accountant Online?

As the saying goes; as a doctor is to a patient as an accountant is to business. An accountant is also an engineer of business. Thus, finding a competent accountant is almost as important as choosing a business partner. If luck and God’s help seem to fall upon you, you are able to find the … Read more

Should Charitable Organization Modernize Their Accounting Systems?

people protest charity

A charitable organization, just like any other business has needs for handling their finances but, sadly, these needs are often ignored. Fr institutions like these, it is important to have a fair track of money, maybe way more than any private company. The people handling finances must be very refined when it comes to dealing … Read more

Chinese and Indian Troops Face off in Bhutan Border Dispute

india china stop war

Ties between China and India are beginning to diminish as a dispute arose recently. It’s all about territorial control as Chinese authorities claim the area currently controlled by Bhutan and Indian- is actually Chinese territory. Bhutan is a nation with strong connections with India and has strategic implications. Political experts state that area where the … Read more