8 Good Reasons to turn off your Mobile Phone

Mobile Phone

When was the last time you turned off your phone (and not just turned on airplane or silent mode)? If you do not see the point, here are 8 good reasons to take the step from time to time.

1. Increase productivity and creativity

Difficult to concentrate, study or work effectively when you can be interrupted at any time by a ring. While we had promised to quickly look at notifications, we find ourselves immersed in a thread of news that we will not escape sometimes an hour later. And even when the laptop does not display any alert, we may be tempted to take a look from time to time. For optimal productivity, turn off your smartphone and store it in a drawer. In addition, restricting distractions will put you in a better position to reflect and express your creativity.

2. Rediscover the “real” relaxation

Just as the smartphone makes the concentration more difficult, it can also affect your moments of relaxation. You plan to take a nap, read a good book or have lunch with friends: your laptop could ruin your pleasure. According to a US study published in 2016, 61% of respondents said they felt jealousy, sadness or dissatisfaction after consulting the news feed of their social networks and 73% of respondents said their mobile was contributing to make their lives stressful . Not easy then to appreciate the present moment …

busy in mobile You forget your surroundings

3. You forget your surroundings

According to the same study, 81% of those surveyed admitted to interrupting a conversation, a meal or any pleasant activity to consult their social networks, messages or emails. More worryingly, three out of five people admitted to spending more time on a screen than with their loved ones during their free time.

Sociability and smartphone

If nothing is more important than this dinner with friends, why not turn off your mobile and give all your attention to these people who are dear to you? The rest of the world will manage to get by without you (at least for a few hours).

4. Your laptop can catch cold

If it has been established that it is not necessary to turn off the smartphone regularly to preserve its battery , it is recommended to turn it off and to keep it safe in extreme cold . In fact, exposed to temperatures below 0 degrees, your mobile may be seriously malfunctioning and the life of its battery could suffer. These recommendations are also valid for extreme heat, beyond 35 degrees.

smart phone using while driving

5. Avoid annoying moments and accidents

Source of distraction, our laptop can play tricks: and thin dog poop!, The bus station exceeded, the laughter in full meeting. Even worse, our behaviors can become dangerous for others and for ourselves. According to a 2016 Deloitte study , 38% of 18-24 year-olds use their smartphone while crossing the street and 22% of 25-34 year-olds drive it.

Smartphone driving: attention danger

In addition, there has been an increase in domestic accidents involving young children attributed to the deconcentration of adults obsessed with their smartphone. And finally remember that in 2017, selfies were more deadly than shark attacks .

6. Preserve your health

Although the link between cell phone and serious diseases has not been formally established, some study results are worrisome. Researchers at the University of Bordeaux have shown that the risk of glioma , a particularly aggressive type of brain tumor, has increased in intensive cell phone users. Another study found that spending more than one hour a day on a mobile phone would be detrimental to male fertility . For added security, it is recommended to hold the phone away from your ear or use a hands-free kit. And if you suffer from thumb tendinitis at age 22 , there is only one solution: changing your hobby.


7. The world is more beautiful without a screen

Just as you will rarely have the opportunity to see your favorite actor in the cinema doing little business, the probability of discovering captivated to scroll any news thread on smartphone is just as slim. Just because it would not show off. It’s the same in real life, you do not show the best of yourself when you have your head down and the thumbs are moving in the middle of a crisis of acute “smartphone” . The phenomenon is only increased when several people are concerned, it is to lose faith in humanity!

8. More addicted than you admit

At a time when it is common to sleep with your smartphone at hand, to consult him jumping from bed, to rush on it as soon as it rings and take it everywhere with you, maybe it’s time to admit that we have become addicted .

Mobile addict and fan of multitasking

According to the 2016 US study, 61% of respondents said they could not ignore their smartphone and view it within one hour of receiving an email, message or alert. Dependence on the influx of constant communication, fear of being disconnected, missing information: if you feel anxious about turning off your phone, do not panic, a good cure of digital detox will put you back .

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