5 Ways to Turn Website Visitors into Customers

In the online business the art of turning your website visitors into valuable customers is known as conversion and the speed at which websites convert their users into final customers is known as conversion rate. Suppose your website appears on top in the search engine rankings but is not able to generate sales figure, do you think it is of any worth. All the websites aspire to excel the sales figure so, as to increase their revenue.

The decision to buy something is affected by various factors whether it is an online transaction or face to face. So, what are those things which can compel a visitor to buy your product? Here are mentioned the best five ways through which you can increase your customer bank.


The first thing which makes an impact on the customer’s mind is the type of presentation you are offering through your website.  Make sure that the product which you offer may not be different but your style of presenting it should be unique with a unique web design.


This is another important thing which you should consider that the type of product you offer should attract the target customers, for example: if you are offering a latest electronic gadget then the focus should be on the youths and the website should match the requirements which can attract them.


No matter how attractive your website looks if it fails to convey the main purpose or the description of the product no one is going to even bother about it. The content should always be fresh, written on your own instead of copied from some other website and must describe the product and what makes it different from others. Your aim should be to make a pattern of VISITOR-READER-CUSTOMER.


This is the most important factor which bounds your reader to become a customer. Most of the visitors generally don’t trust the websites to provide with their details for billing and other purposes. You have to generate a confidence in them regarding the safety of their personal information provided to you.


This will be of most benefit to you if you provide your customers with active customer support. This makes the customers feel that you are really concerned about their safety and well being. Once they are assured of your quality service you can turn them into regular customers also.

In the end it is all about how you present yourself in front of the users and succeed to differentiate yourself from myriad of other websites. Always be careful that don’t get too much sales-based, try to entertain the visitor and he should feel a good experience after visiting your site.

By Nicki Jenns

Nicki Jenns is an internet entrepreneur and world news expert, motivational speaker and author. She is passionate about the impact of health and family issues.

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