12 Content ideas to Expand your Audience

Writing blog articles takes a lot of time and inspiration to reach your audience. To overcome this lack of inspiration, it is always good for blogging to have writing ideas. Here are 12 blog post ideas that will expand your audience:

If you have trouble writing blog posts for lack of inspiration, you may want to easily find topics to write about for your site.

In terms of blogging there are many levers to interest its audience but also to grow. Similarly, if you want to install WordPress for your future blog and you then launch in the editorial, you may experience these same difficulties.

Finding good practices to optimize your content and especially writing well for the web is often difficult when you have your head on his blog regularly. Sometimes it’s the total inspiration breakdown!

To launch your blog or even to revive it here are some ideas of articles to write to widen your audience and gain visibility.

Find inspiration in these 12 blog post ideas and test them to revive your blog and provide content for your audience.

Take care to insert these ideas into your editorial line to change your style and retain your readers. The content is the backbone of your website and without it, you will lose all attraction to your readership. The blog posts proposed here are varied and can be applied from several angles depending on the inspiration you find in exploiting them.

1. Create lists: Do’s and don’ts or advantages/disadvantages

The first idea is to propose a list, much like this article. This idea is very simple but maybe very helpful. If you have a site that talks about digital (randomly), you can create an article presenting all the things not to forget or not to do in a specific area.

It’s a research that many people do before they get started or have a quick read on a specific topic. If you are good at your theme, it will be a simple exercise for you.

Example: The 20 tips for writing well for the web!

2. Write blog articles on case studies

You can also write a case study. It is a simple but very effective solution. Your site will potentially have a lot of theory, but by doing a case study, you will land in a concrete case. It is often said that a business plan never survives the market … and it’s true!

Having a working example will allow your fans to believe more in your content by seeing that it really works. Feel free to look for fans who are close to you to see their results.

3. Create tutorials for your blog

You can also create a tutorial or tutorials for your blog. You are in the theme of digital or any other universe, there is a multitude of topics to be discussed without being tremendous means. You could do a tutorial to explain a feature or how to write effectively on the web etc …

All is to choose the right format and preferably short so as not to tire your audience. Prefer to split several tips into several videos in order to have an interesting content capital to share. Then enjoy sharing on Linkedin, your YouTube channel etc … in parallel.

If you manage to refer to research like: “How to browse Linkedin anonymously? Your traffic can simply grow thanks to your tutorials.

4. Answer questions following a survey

If your site or blog has been in place for a long time, it is possible that you have had many questions that have been asked. You could write articles to answer these questions in depth.

It does not matter if you have already answered these questions via social networks or elsewhere. This will have the advantage of allowing you to solidify your position on certain issues and to identify several within blog articles while taking care to address them by thematic for example.

Imagine an FAQ principle as an article.

Example: Frequently asked questions before starting freelance community manager

5. Share the results of a research on your topic

You did research on a topic? Have you noticed something interesting about your theme? Why not share your results in an article? Your discovery may have a significant impact on your favorite subject.

We could almost compare that to the biological error that created the antibiotics. If the scientists had not shared this mistake, it is quite possible that antibiotics do not exist today!

Good without going so far there is to bring out original points and not raised by other colleagues. For this you have to watch over the net, interview people and why not start from a question or a vision around a subject. Then you create a survey of your readership and/or different communities to share the results at the end.

6. Write blog articles by sharing statistics

In each theme, there are many statistics. You can choose to write an article on the statistics covering your theme. These can be your own statistics or statistics from other sources.

Do you have a blog about creating a restaurant? Why not do an article sharing the statistics of the successful restaurants according to INSEE? You would even risk a retweet from INSEE by supporting their content!

In any case, do not forget to quote the sources and to involve experts in your blog posts on the subject.

7. Write short blog posts on word definitions: Glossary

It is likely that words specific to your theme exist. The word e-reputation exists only for web marketing. It may be interesting to create articles that share the definition of specific words.

For that, do not hesitate to re-read the contents that you already wrote in order to recover the words which are not common to explain them and possibly to give examples.

You can create a lexicon with a dedicated URL on short articles around your definitions.

8. Extract and write video or infographic content

If you make videos or audio content, you could also extract the audio from them and type them. This will allow you to not have to think about creating an article, and you can even automate this task with high-performance tools.

If the videos are relatively viral in terms of content and you produce for a YouTube channel, do not hesitate to share them on your blog by repeating the content as an article.

In the same way, you can resume infographics (citing sources) and transform the content into writing, to provide a vision on results or simply to give substance to your blog post and get better SEO.

9. Write a list of the best expert sites on your topic

You can also make an article that shares other sites/blogs in your topic. The idea is to make a real list of links to other websites that might interest people who follow you.

You can present this as a top 10 of the best sites in your topic and share them by citing the different sources via social networks. By tagging the people/blogs listed you will gain more virality for your sharing.

10. Write blog articles inspired by a quote

It is possible that your theme is presented in many known quotes. You could devote an entire article to the best quotes. This has the advantage of being very motivating. To use especially if you are in thematic where there are objectives to reach.

On the other hand, a simple quote can become the starting point of a blog post if you know how to interpret it and make it live as rich and relevant content.

11. Write interviews with videos

The interview is also an article format that can be very interesting. For that, you just have to choose a person who knows your subject and ask him questions. You can even prepare a list of questions that you will ask several different experts.

If you want to play on originality, you can even interview someone who knows nothing about it to get ideas or feedback on a specific topic.

Finally, think of accompanying a video to share on your YouTube channel ( create a YouTube channel if you do not have one) and tag the people interviewed during your sharing on social networks.

12. Write an article in the form of a story: Storytelling

In the end, you can decide to share a story about your theme. It can be your story or someone else’s story.

It can also be invented to highlight content and bring it to life. This is called storytelling. Think about a hero, an opponent, adjuvants and especially a logical thread that is discovered over your content.

Get inspired by storytelling and discover new leverage to create value-added content. This is a real opportunity to deliver impactful content by working on effective storytelling. It is also the opportunity to create an image if you integrate it well in writing.

By Nicki Jenns

Nicki Jenns is an internet entrepreneur and world news expert, motivational speaker and author. She is passionate about the impact of health and family issues.